The 2-Minute Rule for big boss vote telugu

In case of any community failure, technological problem and/or for virtually any factors in anyway, SIPL reserves the correct to alter the voting technique/Voting System and/or stop from accepting votes on the Viewers for almost any and/or each of the Episode(s)/Voting Cycle(s) of This system, or just take this sort of needed measures as it may well deem healthy.

Vishwaroopam two is really an impending Indian spy thriller film created and directed by Kamal Haasan, it is the sequel to...

Plz get rid of tejaswini she only indignant not almost every other top quality her….she is not perfect to Bigg Boss ….plz eliminate her Bigg Boss

The voting is basically to enable the Viewers to select their favourite Participant or to vote for that performance of a specific Shortlisted Participant that they've got preferred. No winners will probably be declared and/or prizes dispersed for that Viewers participating in the Voting System.

Bigg Boss in some cases comes along with a twist and removes 2 participants at any given time in only one 7 days. The voting will proceed for the whole week and finishes on Saturday. To vote for your favorite contestant you can find two processes. Either it is possible to vote in 2 ways or you may vote in any A method. Bigg Boss Team will rely this all votes from two strategies.

There are many Internet sites like ours who supply you with information and a simple voting poll, your votes will likely be not counted When your sign up your votes in these Sites. Only votes registered on google and skipped call technique are counted.

Malli cheppadaniki reason vetukuntaru ( really Iam annoying for viewing bigboss) malli niti chebutaru Shyamala Garu ki eleven months Babu unnadu ani,Babu unte suprise cheyyachuga bigboss property ki tesukoni vachhiiii.bloody…….

The viewers can help you save their most loved contestant by supplying skipped on the presented variety. The most of ten skipped phone calls for every range might be considered as voting in per week, greater than that will not be regarded as for the voting process.

నాని గారు తనీష్ కు కొంచెం కూడా జాలి లేదు వాళ్ళ అమ్మ చెప్పిన మాట వాడు అసలు వినలేదు వాడికి అమ్మ విలువ తెలియదు అందుకే వాళ్ళ అమ్మ చెప్పిన వినకుండా సున్నైనా తో రొమాన్స్ చేయడం మనాడు ఛీ వాడికి కొంచెం కూడా బుద్ధి లేదు ప్లీజ్ నాని గారు మేము చూడలేక పోతున్నాము వాళ్ళని ఇద్దరిలో ఎవరినో ఒకరిని ఎలిమినేట్ చేయండి మా బాధ అర్థం చేసుకోండి సున్నైనా ఒక పని కూడా చేయదు అది ఏమైనా యువ రానా చాల oవార్ ఎక్కువ చేస్తాది ప్లీజ్ దాన్ని పంపిం చండి దానికి సిగ్గు సిగలేదు వాళ్ళ అమ్మ నన aanత బాధ పడుతారో దానికి అర్థం కాలేదు దాని సుకం చూసుకుంటోంది ఛీ

The contestants who got less number of the votes from the public as a result of both of those Bigg Boss vote on the internet and also by means of missed contact will leave the house.

Sanjana anne and tejaswini and sonaina ne eradicate chyandi Bigg boss plz anduku ante sanjana anne mumaith Khan kana habits darunam ga undi tejaswini over acting sonaina worst so vela ne reduce chyandi Bigg boss

When the contestant record is out, A dedicated quantity will likely be assigned for each contestant. It is possible to vote for your personal favourite contestant by giving a missed phone to your range.

It is rather Incorrect conclusion to phone back removed truly is unfare in the direction of viewers determination. If you want to enhance the amount call new prospect as well as unfare check here to those people who are not removed because individuals who went out can get understanding from exterior and already had inside of house expertise.

Each and every Viewer acknowledges that just in case the functionality on the Voting System and/or any provisions of such Terms and Conditions can not be fulfilled due to war, industrial action, flood or any Act of God or any reasons over and above the Charge of SIPL or perhaps the Channel, then these kinds of non-functionality or failure shall not be considered being a breach of those Stipulations and when these kinds of incapability to perform this sort of obligation continues to get a period of seven (seven) times, then SIPL shall be at liberty on its sole discretion to terminate the Voting System forthwith and these final decision shall be last and binding.

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